what to wear


*Pick a color family – pick a color family or theme and dress everyone from that palette.  This means your clothes coordinate or work together, but are not matchy-matchy.  This is key; and it creates that polished professional look that is so eye-catching. (An easy tip is to pick a cute pattern for the youngest child and build the family’s clothes in colors off of that item.  This also avoids too many patterns clashing.)

*Accessorize – accessories are a totally easy and fun way to dress up and add personality and interest to a shoot.  They are also super easy because they are removable with no outfit changes, and usually are small pieces so you can bring a variety.

*Props – if your little ones have a favorite dolly or toy, bring it and we can find a way to incorporate it in some photos (which are always fun to look back on when they’re older!), and also can help soothe any unwilling little models.

*Be comfortable – that perfect Easter dress may look perfect on the hanger, but if little one is breaking out in polyester-itching-eczema-hives because of it, you might not get that genuine precious smile you know and love in your pictures.


*Don’t wear giant logos, clothes with words written large and bold, sports jerseys, or bands/concert tees.  This may seem trivial in person, but they are really distracting in photos.

*Don’t wear anything super trendy and hip – it isn’t going to be next season, and chances are you will want your professional photos to last a while.  Think timeless.

*Don’t get your haircut or colored the night before your pictures, give yourself at last a week for any big change to “grow-in.”  Same goes for self-tanner, we don’t want any oopmaloompas in the family portrait.

*Don’t get the same shirt in the same color just in different sizes for your whole family – this look is dated and not very interesting, much less doesn’t show off each family member’s fun personality.


*For those that find color grouping difficult, this is an awesome color grouping chart based on Kobayashi’s Color Theory:

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