Maternity Session


This is a magical, exciting, and wondrous time in your life; and I’m honored that you are interested in letting me take part in artistically preserving it for you.

Your maternity session should take place usually in your 7th to 8th month to be on the safe side of any early-bird-babes.  Having the session too early, especially for first-time Mommas, you may not “show” enough to get those great bump shots you’ve been daydreaming about.  If you have them too late, you may be too tired to move around or do anything other than rest.  I had mine the day before my due date, so obviously these are just guidelines.  Whatever you, and your doctor, feel comfortable with is what is best.

It is important however for you to still feel comfortable, or at least as comfortable as you can feel while pregnant.  Sessions are supposed to be fun and I want your joy to show in your eyes and your smile, not a session where you are trying to mask your discomfort with wincing smiles.

Many Mommas ask me what to wear for their maternity shoots, and my answer is always the same: something that you feel comfortable in and dresses up the bump.  Meaning don’t hide it.  I know as pregnant ladies we “feel fat” or “swollen,” and don’t want anything that seems tight.  However, counterintuitively, what looks best on all pregnant body types for photos is an outfit that “hugs” your belly.

We will discuss details prior to your session and plan accordingly based on what you have been envisioning.  If you have images or poses you’ve found that you like, please send them on to me and I will do my best to recreate them for a few shots if possible.  Your session will be between an hour and an hour-and-a-half and can take place indoors or outdoors, your home, my studio, or on location.

Once you have your babe in your arms, your bump will be a distant memory (that you won’t even likely have time to think about with a newborn!) and you will be glad you have these images to celebrate this time in your life that you grew your son or daughter literally close to your heart.

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